A new Ford vehicle is reliable, durable and its performance is at its peak. A new Ford vehicle has new and updated features that have not been tampered with by another driver. The vehicle is in a good, desirable state. The following are new Ford vehicles that you can find available at Fowler Ford in Tulsa.

New Ford Trucks

Most truck drivers in Owasso prefer a new Ford truck due to its reliability and durability. The trucks have a variety of powerful standard engines that enable the truck to haul and tow heavy payloads. For instance, if you prefer a hybrid truck, you could easily purchase a Ford F-150 hybrid truck, or if you prefer your truck to run on gas, you could pick a V8 or V6 gas engine Ford F-150.

New Ford trucks have large beds, meaning they have a greater hauling capacity. The beds are made from high-quality material such as steel to ensure that the heavy luggage does not damage them.

New Ford SUVs

New Ford SUVs have an outstanding off-road performance. The SUVs are comfortable to drive due to the stylish interior and the comfortable seating with plenty of room in their interior. For instance, when taking a vacation with friends or family in Collinsville, the new Ford Expedition SUV will offer a comfortable drive, and you will have room to carry your luggage in.

The new Ford SUVs have advanced safety features to help keep you safe as you drive through Jenks. The adaptive headlights installed in the new Ford SUVs will prevent you from blurring other drivers’ vision when driving at night.

New Ford Mustangs

The new Ford Mustang has a variety of trims such as Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback, GT Convertible, and Ecoboost. The new Ford Mustang is easy to drive and provides you with a luxurious drive. The excellent speed and acceleration that come with the powerful engine will come in handy when you need to reach your destination on time.

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